John Marble is an Associate Professor of Music (University of Maine at Augusta - 1986 Majoring in Piano, with Guitar as a Secondary Instrument) and has been a musician since the age of six, taking piano and guitar lessons and studying Music Theory for over ten years. He began a career as a professional entertainer at the age of 14, performing as keyboardist/vocalist with his high school band, “Non-Stop Flight”. During the 1980’s, he was a keyboardist/vocalist of the Maine night club band, “NITELIFE.” He went back to the band life in early 1998 as keyboardist / guitarist / vocalist of the Maine band, “Cherokee.” After a few months with “Cherokee,” he decided to quit the band life and become a full-time disc-jockey, specializing in weddings.

John Marble has since performed 20 - 30 weddings per year, with an occasional Anniversary, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Boat Cruise, and/or Corporate parties, special events, banquets and functions of any other types.

He is currently a "House DJ" at the "Le Club Calumet" in Augusta and has been employed there for the past several years for their Friday Night Supper/Dances.

He performs with top of the line, state of the art “Electro-Voice” (EV) audio equipment because his listeners deserve the best! He has the capacity to perform for audiences and venues of 5 - 5,000 and always carries back-up everything.

John Marble subscribes to "PROMO ONLY" and receives all of the "MAINSTREAM RADIO" and "COUNTRY RADIO" new releases, once a month on two CD's and has since January 1998. John has ALL of the dance, rock, classic rock, hip hop, disco, oldies, country, jazz, and big band hits of all time, and carries all of your party favorites wherever he goes. His library contains over 100,000 songs, and always welcomes audience requests, because he is "Maine's All-Request DJ." He is the DJ who lets people hear whatever they want, who keeps the party rocking, and the people dancing way longer than you had planned!!